Spread Art; Spread Love

What if one day, in the middle of all the rush that you are in, you stumble upon someone who makes you stop and pause and gives you a moment to appreciate the beauty that is life?

What if one chaotic, tired evening you go to a cafe to grab a quick bite and on your table is a little piece of paper that says,

“Life is Beautiful  ”


Wouldn’t you just let every thought in your mind go and absorb this little piece of wisdom that you chanced upon?
For me, it was a refreshing moment making me feel as fresh as a Sunday morning. It was a moment, when all the mad rush seemed a little less mad, a little more manageable and the evening suddenly became bright and cheery.

So, here’s a thought. We can all write, draw and do a million things with a pen on a paper. We don’t need to be Picasso or Rumi. The presence of an idea makes us all artists and if your tiny piece of art can bring a smile in the crazy day of just another human being, wouldn’t that make you smile? What’s more, it’ll even make you stop and appreciate your own creation! Isn’t that great?

There are a dozen places we visit in a week: the office, the college, a restaurant, a take-away, a park, the gym and so on. Why not leave one tiny piece of art for someone to find? Why not bring about a little joy in the country where so many people are encompassed by negativity, by worries, by hatred and a very recent threat of war?

One piece of art can bring a smile to two faces; a hundred people can make two hundred people smile. #Lets_make_world_a_better_place

My piece of art for the next person to dine on that table was a tiny sketch of two birds sitting on a tree. What would your’s be?


#BringSmiles #ShareYourStory #SpreadMyIdea


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