It is my hypothesis that mountains tune our brains to a higher level of thinking. 

On my trek to Sandakphu, the last leg of the journey was most testing. There wasn’t anyone in sight, the route was unknown. The clouds were dense and all around and I could see nothing beyond a couple meters. It was also raining heavily making the mud track slippery. I was drenched and so cold that my hands were frozen around my walking stick. Every step was a struggle with the destination nowhere in sight.

This poem reflects my thoughts in those few hours.

Drained yes,

Defeated, not.

I walk through unknown,

At nature’s mercy, I know.

I am a warrior,

For I’ve been treading paths

That take me to the skies.

Tired, yes.

Lost, not.

The mist renders me blind,

And the fog, anxious.

I can see figures

That disappear as I near.

Shadows that are attached

To no bodies.

I see things that don’t exist.

Confused, I might be.

But, broken I am not.

Author’s note: There are times when we push ourselves to limits we had thought did not exist. Yet, we push and find out that we are stronger than we think. Almost always, it is the strength in our minds that help us achieve feats beyond our knowledge. It leaves us in awe of ourselves and we come back more confident than before, knowing that our strengths have no limits.



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