What is Travel? – A Snippet

For most people, travel begins and ends with a holiday; a period of relaxation, of extravagance, a time when you can let your hair down, in all senses of the term. The most common question I come across goes like this:

“You are travelling so much while I am stuck in office. Isn’t it nice to be having fun all the time?”
Answer – Well, yes and no.
Sure, it would be nice to have fun all the time, but you’d later realise that you haven’t moved from your place, haven’t learned anything or grown at all in the last eighty years or so when all you did was have fun. So, yes and no.

BESIDES, travelling is not all fun. And definitely not all the time. The fun that you have in mind is known as “holidaying.”
What travelling is, is an out-of-school educational experience in it’s truest form. Travel forces you to move out of your comfort zones, making you sharper, decisive, independent and a lot more tolerant than you could ever imagine to be.

Travel tests your limits, pushes you beyond them and when you succeed, rewards you with experiences and relationships that stay with you all your life.
Travel shows you that world is a better place, that for one bad person, there are a hundred good ones. It teaches you to trust and be cautious at the same time; to love and be distant simultaneously; to give and to receive with grace; to know what a small place you hold in this world and yet every action of your’s has great consequences.
Anyone who has experienced travel with all its trials and tribulations would know of the joy that comes with expanding limits, the knowledge that comes by opening your heart to the people you meet, and the peace that comes at the end of it.

Photo Details: This picture was taken back in the summer of 2016, somewhere between Manyebhanjang and Tonglu on the India-Nepal Border. Mountains do have a way to make you ponder about everything at a very deep level. Not surprisingly, mountains are also adept at helping you find answers to your own questions.


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