“I am a wanderer; a seeker of the truth. A nomad; I wander to explore myself, in search of the magic that binds all our lives together. An eventual writer. Seeking the caves of the lost lands and capturing the journey. And, all this while absorbing the world around.”

Set sail!

“Here you will find the world through my being. It will take you to places you have and have not been before, albeit through my mind and my pen. My Sacred is about exploration, about learning. It is about seeing the world through a different lens. These are stories from a woman who found her sacred in travel. So dive in, make the most of your time and let me inspire you to step out of your comfort zone to chase the wild dreams that I am living.”


Ketki was born in 1992 in that diverse land called India. Ever since she was fifteen, she has been attached to travel as one of the gifts given by her family. She is a graduate in architecture and finds a greater passion in learning, reading and exploring. Photography is one of those things which have intrigued her since the time she got her first camera at the age of ten.

By the time she got to college, Ketki had traveled to seven states through the country and perhaps, as another gift from architecture, she found herself travelling more and more and finally found love in solo travels. Her pen helps her reproduce the otherwise invisible cities to the readers and her camera captures the essence of the ones visible.


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